How To Add Custom Add-Ins To Excel


In this article, I will show you how to add custom add-ins to your Excel desktop or Excel client apps

You can add your deployed custom add-ins or you can add them from the store.

Steps to Add Add-ins to Excel

Step 1

Open your Excel client apps

Step 2

Select Insert Tab from the top menu

Step 3

Select the get Add-ins button

Step 4

Below dialog box will open.

Step 5

Select the ADMIN MANAGE tab from the menu.

Step 6

You will see your custom add-ins in this tab.

Step 7

If you already deployed your add-ins and it’s not showing in the opened window, then click on the Refresh button.

Step 8

Select your add-ins and do click on Add button.

Step 9

Your custom add-ins will be added in the right corner of the Home Tab.


This is how we can easily add add-ins to Excel deskop application.

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