How To Bind PowerApps Rating Control To Sharepoint Column


In this article, we explore how to bind the rating control to the single line of text column in the SharePoint list.

Rating control in PowerApps

Rating control in PowerApps is a star rating field used to get the scores of marks in an interview/performance or to get feedback from the users, reviewers, customers, etc. It also helps in developing the form by giving a better appearance. This is an input control with which users can rate values between 1 to the maximum number mentioned in the settings of the control. To use the rating control let’s deep pe into the below steps.

To work with Rating control in PowerApps.

Step 1. Log in to the PowerApps

Step 2. Create a New App in Power App

Step 3. Choose the Blank app. Either you can follow the above steps or simply create PowerApps from the SharePoint list as in the screenshot below.


I have created a single line of text column “Rating” Here my list name is Rating. Step 4.

Designing the App

As we are exploring the rating control in PowerApps, go to a new screen or click on “Customize Forms” in the SharePoint list – “Rating” Now, in PowerApps click on Insert Input and click “Rating”. I have renamed it as “Rating Value”.

Customize Forms

Click on the Rating DataCard on the left side in the tree view.

 Tree view

Unlock the Rating _DataCard1as in the below screenshot.


Click on Advance of the “Rating Data Card” and replace the ‘DataCardValue2.Text” to “Rating Value. Value” in the “update” field.

Rating Data Card

Click on the Rating Value control and on the right side you will see the properties. There you can change the settings as per your wish.

Rating Value

Once you set the settings, drag the Rating Value control to the Rating DataCardValue and set its visibility to false.


Now, save the form and test.

Final O/p

Final O/p

Below is the output in the SharePoint list.

SharePoint list


In this article, we learned how to bind the Rating control in Microsoft PowerApps.