How To Bulk Create Projects In Project Server 2010, 2013 And Project Online PWA

Today, I am writing about “How to create bulk projects in Project Server 2010, 2013 and Project Online PWA”. There are cases when it is necessary to create a substantial number of projects in a Project Online PWA.

This can be done manually or using PowerShell script as well. We have some of the tools, and with the help those tools we can create bulk Projects in project server, like Fluent Book, which can help a user to bulk create projects in Project Online PWA .

The URL is given below for PowerShell to be used for creating the projects in bulk


The steps are given below to create projects manually step by step with the screenshots.

  • Login to the site page i.e for PWA site, for Project Online or On-Premises with an authorized user account and password.

  • Once logged in to the page, we need to create a custom list on PWA site page, using the site contents, and add an app.

  • Click on the gearbox of the site setting page, click on the same and select Add an app, followed by site contents page, which will appear.

  • Click on Custom List option, assign the name and click create.

  • Wait for the sometime and your list will be created

  • Now, open the list and add the appropriate fields like Name (will be default as title change to project Name) Start date, End date etc.

  • Once it is created, export the Excel sheet data to the created list. Click on edit, copy and paste the same list, and stop editing. For the reference, see the screenshot given below.

  • Once everything is done, select Item page ribbon from the top of the listed page and here we can see  that create Project option will be available. By default, it will show as grayed out. We need to select the items from the list, followed by enabling them automatically.

  • Once you click on Create Projects, it will create a new wizard with some of the options, as shown below.

  • Here, we need to map the Project Map fields, which we have created here.

  • Here, we can select EPT type as well. If we have created many other EPTs, we can select the same and they can be created, as per the accepted methods.

  • I hope you are aware of EPT and the uses of the same. We can create some additional settings from the options, which are available in create Project Web app.

  • Once everything is done, click Create button and wait for some time.


Make sure that Fields and Project Name aren't duplicated, otherwise it will prompt us with the error screen shots given below.

  • Now, go back to Project center page and verify whether all the selected projects in the list are created or not.

  • Once you open any project, it will show all the details, as shown below.

Please let me know, if you require any more details.

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