How To Change Screen Resolution In C#


It is a sample program It will demonstrate how to change resolution at runtime.

All programmers are facing common problem is how to change screen Resolution dynamically. In .Net 2005 it's very easy to change the screen resolution. Here I will explain you how can we get the screen resolution and how we will change the resolution dynamically and while unloading the page it will come as it was before. In .NET we can access the values of user's screen resolution through the Resolution class. It also affects all running (and minimized) programs.

Page_Load Code

Screen Srn = Screen.PrimaryScreen;
tempHeight = Srn.Bounds.Width;
tempWidth = Srn.Bounds.Height;
Page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(this.GetType(), "Error", "<script type=\"text/javascript\">alert('" + "Your Current Resolution  is = " + tempHeight + " * " + tempWidth + "');</script>");
//if you want Automatically Change page load. please uncomment this code.
if (tempHeight == 600)//if the system is 800*600 Res.then change to
    FixHeight = 768;
    FixWidth = 1024;
    Resolution.CResolution ChangeRes = new Resolution.CResolution(FixHeight, FixWidth);

Change Resoultion

switch (cboRes.SelectedValue.ToString())
    case "800*600":
        FixHeight = 800;
        FixWidth = 600;
        Resolution.CResolution ChangeRes600 = new Resolution.CResolution(FixHeight, FixWidth);
    case "1024*768":
        FixHeight = 1024;
        FixWidth = 768;
        Resolution.CResolution ChangeRes768 = new Resolution.CResolution(FixHeight, FixWidth);
    case "1280*1024":
        FixHeight = 1280;
        FixWidth = 1024;
        Resolution.CResolution ChangeRes1024 = new Resolution.CResolution(FixHeight, FixWidth);