How To Change The Location Of Download Folder In Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer started in 1995. Internet Explorer is a part of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Internet Explorer is a discontinued series of graphical Web Browsers, developed by Microsoft Windows. Internet Explorer saved the download file in the Downloads folder in your Microsoft user account. If you change the download location in your systems, you can change the default download folder. Here is how to do it.
When you change the setting, first of all, you open Internet Explorer, when opened is shown below-
When your Internet Explorer opens, select Setting in Internet Explorer and choose the view downloads options, as shown below-
Now, you choose the view downloads options and the new dialogue box will open, as follows-
When the dialogue box opens, you select the options, as shown below-
When you select the Options, a new dialogue box opens to change the download folders, as shown below-
When the dialogue box opens, you select the Browse and choose the location in your system. Click OK to change the download settings.


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