How To Change The Start Menu And Taskbar Color In Windows 10


In Microsoft Windows 10, the taskbar is a toolbar-like element, by default on the desktop screen. It shows the horizontal bar on the bottom. You can be relocated to the right, left and top of the desktop screen, according to your desire.
In Microsoft Windows, the Start menu is the combination to install Application software in your systems. In the Start menu, the Application is shown in a default arrangement setting. You will change this arrangement, according to your needs.
Start menu and Taskbar show in one color in the desktop screen by the default color, but you can change it. Basically, the default color of Start menu and toolbar is Blue, as shown in the figure, given below-
Step 1
Firstly, you will select the Windows key button and choose settings options.
Step 2
When you click setting, a dialogue box opens and you choose the personalization settings options.
Step 3
After choosing the personalization settings options, a dialogue box opens and you select the color options.
Step 4
Now, you will select color, as to your choice. Here, I have selected the Red color.
Step 5
After selecting Red color, you will see that Start menu and toolbar color changes, as shown below


Here, you saw, how to change the color of the Start menu and taskbar. I hope you enjoyed, how to change the Start menu and Taskbar color. Follow C# Corner to learn more new and amazing things about Windows 10.
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