How To Check Access On Model Driven Apps For A User In Dynamics 365 CE Online

You might have come across a situation where the users are not able to view or access a particular Model Driven App in a given Environment.

For such access-related issues or any other issue, there is a way to find the root cause of this problem.

Follow the below steps for the solution.

Step 1

Login into Dynamics 365 CE online environment using your credentials.

Step 2

Navigate to your CE environment.

Step 3

Copy the Dynamics 365 Environment URL as shown below.

The URL should look like the one below.

Step 4

Append the below webresource string to the URL mentioned in Step Three.


The final URL should look like the below.

Step 5

Browse the URL mentioned in Step 4 in the same browser where the Dynamics CE environment is already loaded.

Step 6

Provide the User Id or Email Address of the User and click on Search.

A list of all available Model driven apps which have access to the user will be shown here.

Along with that, it will show VisibleLicense and Security related information as well.

This will provide another user email id and show the access available for that user.

This user has access only to the Sales Hub App. He doesn’t have access to any other Model-Driven App.

You can check the Model-Driven Apps Access by logging into the Dynamics 365 CE environment with that user's credentials to confirm.

I hope you have successfully found the access related information for a user in Dynamics 365 CE environment.

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