How to Check Azure Resource Deployment History

Recently, I needed to check when a resource was deployed in my Azure and who deployed it. You can check your Azure resources deployment history in Azure Resource Manager to learn about resources deployments, users who deployed them and the time when the resources where deployed. Azure Resource Manager shows the complete history of all resources deployed in your Azure account with details including the users who have deployed them with statuses. You can see these resources in your Azure portal or programmatically using CLI, PowerShell, and REST API.

Here we will look at how to check Azure Resource Deployment history in Azure portal.

Go to your subscription and Resource Group by clicking on the menu in the left side or typing the resource groups in the search.

Azure Resources


You will see a list of all resource groups available.

Find a resource group and click on the resource group name that you want to check all resources and their deployments history.

On the resource group details, look for Deployments. You will see how many deployments were there.

Click on Deployments link and you will see the history, statuses, and last modified dates of deployments.

On the screen, you will also see all resources deployed in the resource group. 

Azure Resources List

You can click on the resource name and click on Activity Log in the left side to see all activity log of the selected resource.

By using this method, you can find out when a resource was deployed and who deployed it.

You will see a list of operations and click on the operation name will give you details about that operation, its status and time it took to execute.


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