How To Create A List In SharePoint


In this article, we will learn how to create SharePoint List on the SharePoint site. Additionally, we will add necessary columns and set the property of columns. List creation in SharePoint on-premises, online (classic and modern SharePoint) both are same as of now. So, the steps described in this article will be helpful to create a list in all these environments. 
Follow below steps,
Open your SharePoint site where you want to create a list and click on Setting then click on Add an App.
Then, you will get the below screen. Click on Custom List.
Give Name of your List and click on Create as depicted below.
The list will be created as shown below.
After that, Click on List Name which is depicted above. Then, you will get the below the screen with some default columns in the List.
Go to setting and then click on List Setting to add more columns in the List.
You can setup your List from here. In this step, you can choose several setting options for the list and do setup accordingly.
Go to the little below, you can see Title, Modified, Created, CreatedBy, ModifiedBy columns are created by default.

Add New Column

To add a new column, click on Create Column, give the name of your column, choose data type, Required field, string length, and more. In this example, I have given the Name of the column as Request Date and the data type as Date and Time.
Finally, click Ok. In this way, we can add more columns by click on Create column option and follow the same process. We can create all other necessary columns with data type numeric, string with a single line of text, person or group, string with multiple lines of text, and so on.

How to Add Column with Choice Options

To make choice-value available in some columns, we can select the Type option to Choice and add default values of choices while adding the column and also can choose the display setting for choices whether it should be a drop-down option, radio button, or check box while displaying in design. Below screenshots give you clear insights.
In this example, I have added Approve and Reject as choice options.
We can set Display/choice using the Dropdown Menu or Radio Buttons or Checkboxes. Let us select the Dropdown Menu. 
After adding all the necessary columns for the List, finally, we can see all the columns contained in the list as illustrated below.
Eventually, the list is created now, we can use it.


In this way, the article has described how to create the list on the SharePoint site. Additionally, the article explained how to add columns and set properties or datatypes of columns in the List with an example of the Leave Approval Demo. I hope, this helps to create the list on SharePoint site on-premises, online as well as modern and classic SharePoint both.