How To Create A Team Project Using Visual Studio Team Services

To sign up for VSTS and create a team project, please follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to sign up for VSTS and create a team project and sign up for a VSTS account using the link
  2. Once signed in, it will take you to the page https://****
  3. Or Navigate to
  4. Click on get started in “Visual Studio Team Services”.
  5. Click on “New Project”.
  6. Enter Project Name, Description and Version control as “Git”.
  7. Work item process -- Agile
  8. Click on create. It will create a new empty project folder.

    Visual Studio Team Services

Once you are done with the creation, you need to the clone the project.

Before cloning the newly created project folder you need to generate the GIT credentials by following the below simple steps

  • Click on Generate Git Credentials
  • Enter your username and password

    Visual Studio Team Services

Now, you clone the newly created project folder to your local folder using the below commands

Building the code

git clone the repo

Eg: git clone https://***

It will look for Git credentials. Please provide the credentials which you have generated previously to clone the project.

When the credentials are validated then the project will be cloned into your local folder.

There is another way to generate Git credentials as well.

Please find the highlighted area in the following screenshot where you navigate to the security tab and generate the credentials.


Here you go!

Your local folder path is ready to create the SPFx web part and work with your team.

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