How To Create An Application User In Dynamics 365 CE Online?

In Microsoft Dynamics 365, one can create an unlicensed application user in the environment. This application user will be given access to your environment’s data on behalf of the user who’s using your application.

NoteIn an environment, you can only have one application user for each Azure AD–registered application.

Follow the steps below to create an Application User in Dynamics 365 CE online environment.


Follow the steps in the article linked below and Register an App in Azure AD.


If you have already registered an App in Azure Active Directory, then go to Step 1.

Step 1

Login to Power Platform Admin Center (PPAC) with your credentials.

If you are using US Government (GCC, GCC High and DOD) Cloud, click on the article link and find your related URL and login to PPAC.


Step 2:

Click on Environments.

Step 3

Click on the required Environment, where you would like to create an Application User.

Step 4

Click on Settings.

Step 5

Click on Users + permissions to expand.

Step 6

Click on Application users.

Step 7

Click on New app user or Setup app user.

Step 8

Click on Add an app.

Step 9

Select the required app and Click on Add.

Step 10

Choose the required Business Unit.

Step 11

Click on Security roles edit button.

Step 12

Choose the required security role and click on Save.

In this example, I selected System Administrator.

In general, do not provide System Administrator access to the Application user. Instead, create a customized security role(s) that restricts access to the limited data of your application.

Step 13

Click on Create.

Application user has been created successfully.

I hope you have successfully followed the steps and created the Application user in Dynamics 365 CE environment online.

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