How To Create And Use Content Type Hub In SharePoint

Content Type Hub is simple site collection where we can create our Content types and site columns in SharePoint with the help of Managed Metadata Service Application, these Content types can be used across the site collections.

Often we feel our Content Type should be available for all Lists or Libraries in the farm. It should be not confined within site collections. Content Type Hub is perfect solution for such scenarios.

How to Create Content Type Hub


  1. Site collection.
  2. Managed Metadata Service Application.

Let’s Create Site Collection for Content Type Hub.

Central Administration, Application Management, then create Site collections (Under Site Collections).

Fil in the following,

Web Application: Select your web application where you want your Content Type Hub Site Collection.

Title: Content Types Hub

Description: Content Types Hub

URL: Specify your Content Types Hub URL

Select a template: Team Site (Under Collaboration)

Primary Site Collection Administrator: Your Site Collection Admin

Click Ok.

Your Site Collection will be Created.

Now you have site collection for Content Type Hub.

Enable Content Type Syndicate Hub in this site Collection.

Gearbox-->Site settings--> Site collection features (Under Site Collection Administration)


Content Type Syndicate Hub-->Activate


Now let’s create Content Type.

Gearbox-->Site settings--> Site content types (Under Web Designer Galleries) --> Site content types--> Create.


Now you can Add site columns in this Content Type.

I have added four site columns to this content type: Vendor, PO Number, PO Ammount, PODate.


You can refe tor this article to learn How to add site columns in Content Type.

Content Type Hub works with Managed Metadata Service Application.

Let’s Register Content Type Hub Site Collection in Managed Metadata Service Application.


If Managed Metadata Service Application is not configured then visit this article to configure it first. And associate Managed Metadata Service connection with your web application.

Go to Central Administration -->Application Management--> Manage service application (Under Service Applications),

Application Management

Single Click on MetadataServiceApp row-->Properties.


Enter your Content Type Hub site collection URL in Content Type hub.

Content Type hub

Single Click on MetadataServiceApp connection row-->Properties.

CheckedConsumes content types from the Content Type Gallery at http://your content type hub site collection.


Now your Content Type Hub Site Collection is registered with Managed Metadata Service Application.

Now comeback to Content Type Hub site collection and Go to Content Type you created in previous steps i.e. Demo Content Type Hubunder Custom Content Type Hub Group.

Content Type

Click Demo Content Type Hub

Click Manage publishing for this content type.


Checked Publish and click OK.


Once Published, Republish radio button will be checked.

You can verify by clicking Manage publishing for this content type.

content type

Now run the timer job to publish Content type for site collections.

Goto Central Administration-->Monitoring-->Review Job definitions (Under Timer Jobs).


Find Content Type Hub and click,

Content Type Hub

Click Run Now.


Same as above find Content Type Subscriberand click it.

Content Type

Click Run Now,

Content Type

You can cross check whether Timer job succeeded or not.

Go to Central Administration, Monitoring, Job Definitions, then Job History

Find Content Type Hub and Content Type Subscriber.

Both Job should be succeeded with the time effect when you clicked.


After running the timer job, the content type should be published.

Now let’s consume this Content Type in another site collection.

I have already created site collection. If you don’t have another site collection then create new one.

Go to your site collection (In my case it is Metadata Test Site Collection)

Gearbox-->Site settings--> Content Type Publishing (Under Site Collection Administration)

Content Type Publishing

You will find content type from content type in your this site collection under Subscribed Content Type.

content type

It will be also listed in Site content types under Web Designer Galleries.

Site content types

Click on Demo Content Type Hub you will have all the columns which you created in earlier steps.

Demo Content Type Hub

You can refer to this article to learn how to use Content Types.

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