Manage Metadata Service Application

Managed Metadata provides a central location to store metadata (Information about data) and content types that can be used across site collections and web applications. Managed Metadata publishes a term store and content types and Managed metadata connection consumes these term stores and content types in SharePoint.

By creating a managed metadata service and specifying a site collection as the content type hub, you can share all content types in the site collection content type gallery.

How to Configure Managed Metadata Service Application using Central Administration


  1. Logged in as a Farm Administrator account.

Let’s start configuration.

Go to Central Administration, Application Management, then Manage service applications (Under Service Applications),


Click New, then Managed Metadata Service,


Fill the particulars.

Name: Name of your service application

Database Server: Server Name of your database

Database Name: Name of your Database


Database authentication: Windows authentication

Application Pool: You can use either "Use existing application pool" or "Create new application pool" for Managed Metadata service application.


I am using existing application pool SharePoint Web Service Default and service account for this application pool is already Managed account. If you are creating a new application pool, you must register associated service account as managed account in SharePoint.

Click Ok. Managed metadata service application will be create and appear in Manage service application.


Check that Managed Metadata Web Services started.

Go to Application Management, then Manage services on server (Under Service Applications).


Now let’s check newly created Term Store Management Tool.

Central AdministrationàApplication Management, Manage service applications, then MetadataServiceApp .


Now you can create Group, Term set, Term and consume it in site collections.

References: Microsoft

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