How To Create Dashboard in Viva connections and Add Cards In Microsoft Viva Connections Dashboard

How to create Viva connection Dashboard?

Before starting to create Dashboard page, please visit this article which will tell you how to create Viva connection. In this article, we will create a Dashboard page for adding built-in cards and custom cards. Under your home site settings, you will see the option Set up Viva Connections (Preview) option.

This will create Dashboard page on your site something like

You can create multiple Dashboard.aspx pages but the most recently created Dashboard page is only available to use as a Dashboard webpart on home site.

There will be different options to create cards on the Dashboard page. This article tells you more on

1. OOB Cards: Teams App, Assigned Tasks, and Web link

2. Custom Card: SPFx ACE

OOB Cards

User can add these cards from Dashboard view, these OOB cards are useful for any static information, Teams app (can be any bot, custom teams app) and any useful weblinks can be added in the Dashboard.aspx page based on your requirement.

These cards in different ways extend Viva connection with an engaging experience that allows you to stay connected within viva context. More importantly, Viva connection experience is not limited, it’s experience available in Dashboard as well as mobile across all the devices.

We know that Microsoft released SharePoint Framework v1.13. As this version introduces Adaptive Card Extensions (ACE), the first thought came to my mind is Why Adaptive Card for Viva?

Adaptive cards allow for high degree of flexibility in rendering the content. For example, in IOS Native, IOS adaptive card controls can be used, and potentially for other platforms, native support can be used. This abstract particular of UI rendering from the code, allowing services to render on many devices’ in direct way i.e., in simple terms once you add adaptive card it will render accordingly on different devices.

Hope this article is helpful. In the next article, we will discuss about the custom cards in the Dashboard in details. 

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