How To Create Excel Add-Ins


In this article, we will see how to create an Excel add-in and how to run it.

Excel add-in is an application that we can run inside of Excel to increase the functionality. We can build Excel add-ins by using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, or any other technology. It does not matter what platform we are using it will work (Excel for windows, mac, web- office 365 account).

Steps to Create Excel Add-in

Step 1

We need to install Yeoman generator (yo) and generator-office globally using npm.

Step 2

Run npm install -g yo generator-office to install yo and office project template generator globally.

Step 3

Run yo office command to create an add-in project.

Step 4

When you run the above command, it will ask for below information.

  1. Choose a project type - Office Add-in Task Pane project
  2. Choose a script type - JavaScript
  3. What do you want to name your add-in? - My Office Add-in
  4. Which Office client application would you like to support? - Excel

Once you complete the wizard, the generator will create the project and install supporting Node components.

Step 5

Go your project using this command cd "My Office Add-in".

Step 6

Run this command to start development server npm run dev-server. 

Step 7

Run npm start this command to run your add-ins.

Step 8

Once you run the above command it opens Excel desktop apps with your add-ins. You can see your add-ins in Home Tab.

Step 9

When you click on add-ins it will open a side pane.


This is how we can easily create an Excel add-in and test it. Using office add-ins we can increase our office functionality.

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