How To Create Home Page For SharePoint Site Using Out Of The Box WebParts

Source for the Home Page

We have to create the below list of highlighted apps before designing the home page.

To create a new app, we need to click on "Add an app" icon from "Site Contents".

On clicking "add an app", you will see the below list of app templates. Select respective templates to create the source for the home page, as shown below.


Whenever you want to create an app, you need to click on the "add an app".

As soon as you select a template, you will see a pop-up to write a name for the app.


Adding images to "LandingPageImages" picture library.

Monthly Events

To add Events in Monthly Events calendar, click the "+Add" link and you will see the pop-up form. Fill in  the mandatory details and click "Save" button.

Corporate Discussions

To add a new discussion, please click on the new discussion link, as shown below.

Corp Polls

To add Poll questions and options, go to "Settings" and "Add Questions".


In order to add announcements and events, please follow the below steps.

After clicking the link "new announcement", you will see the below form for submitting the announcements. Fill in the details and click "Save".

Designing the Home Page

Go to "Site contents" and then click on the "Site Pages" link.

Now, select the "Files" tab from the top ribbon. Select the down arrow >> "New Document". Finally, select the "Web Part Page".

Provide the information as highlighted in the below screenshot.

To edit the newly created page, use "Edit Page" option at the top ribbon, as shown below.

Now, click on the "Add a WebPart" to a particular section. In the top ribbon, you can see the list of WebParts available to add in the page. Select one from the list and click "Add" button in the ribbon.

"Add" button in the ribbon.

The below home page shows the list of WebParts used.

After adding the WebParts to the page, you can provide some configuration details in the Tool part (right-side window) by clicking the down arrow in the WebPart header.

Similarly, for other OOB WebParts, you can do the changes for look and feel.

For Summary Links, you can add the links and header from the tools (links) at the top of the WebPart, as shown below.

Image Viewer WebPart

The Path for image has to be given in the Tool part, as shown below.

Path: /TestSite/LandingPageImages/Office01.png (example)

After completing all the changes, click the "Stop Editing" icon at the top ribbon.

Now, to change the Logo in the page, go to "Site settings" from the Top ribbon (right top corner).

In "Site settings" page, you will see the "Title, Description, and Logo" link.

Here is the screen to change the "Title, Description and Logo" and click ".

Then, select "Image from SharePoint" and click "Insert", as shown below. You also can use the link "From Computer" if you want to upload images from your local computer.

Finally, to make the newly created page as "Home Page", use the below option available in Top Ribbon.

Final Output of Home Page will be like this.