How to Create Microsoft 365 E3 Trial for 30 days?


Microsoft 365 E3 combines best-in-class enterprise productivity apps with core security and compliance capabilities.

  • Improve productivity and foster a culture of collaboration with connected experiences.
  • Transform how you manage your business and enhance customer relationships with integrated workflows.
  • Proactively protect your employees, data, and customer information with intelligent security.
    Microsoft 365 E3

This article will explain to you the step-by-step process to create a Microsoft 365 E3 30-day Trial version online.


  1. Click on the below article link and create a Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome Profile.
    Create a Profile in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome
  2. Click on the article link below to create a Power Apps Trial for 30 days, or if you already have a Powers Apps Tenant, skip this step.
    Create Microsoft Power Apps 30 days Online Trial Version.

Follow the below steps after the Pre-Requisites

Step 1. Click on the below link to open the Microsoft 365 admin center portal and provide your credentials.

Microsoft 365 admin center

Step 2. Click on Billing.


Step 3. Click on Billing Accounts and Click on Edit.

Billing Accounts

Step 4. Provide the sold-to address and Click on Save.

Sold-to address

Step 5. Click on Payment Methods and Add a payment method.

Payment methods

Step 6. Provide your Card details and Address information.

Click on Save.

Card details

The payment method has been added successfully.

Added successfully

Step 7. Click on Purchase Services.

Purchase Services

Step 8. Search for Microsoft 365 E3.

Microsoft 365

Step 9. Click on Details.


Step 10. Click on Start free trial.

Start free trial

Step 11. Choose Text Me or Call Me, and then Select your Country code and enter your Mobile number.

Click on Text me/ Call me.

 Country code

Step 12. Enter the code received and Click on Start your free trial.

Code received

Step 13. Click on Try Now.

Try Now

Step 14. You will receive an order receipt and Click on Continue.


Step 15. You will redirected to the Home page and Click on Go to guided setup.

Home page

The setup is in progress.

setup is in progress

Step 16. You can start Installing the Microsoft 365 apps and Click on Continue to continue further or Exit setup to redo this later.

Microsoft 365 apps

Step 17. Click on Users and Click on Active Users.

Active Users

Step 18. Click on the required User to assign the License.

Required User

Step 19. Click on Licenses and Apps.

 Licenses and Apps

Step 20. Select Microsoft 365 E3 and Click on Save Changes.

Save Changes

Step 21. Your changes have been saved and now click on X.

Click on X

Step 22. Click on the App launcher.

App launcher

Step 23. Click on Microsoft 365.

 Click on Microsoft 365

Step 24. A new Tab will be opened for Microsoft 365. Click on the Forward arrow.

Forward arrow

Check all the information and finish.

You can see all the Microsoft 365 Apps information here. Bookmark this page to use later.


Step 25. Click on Explore Apps to see all the Microsoft Apps.

Explore Apps

You can see all the Apps. Click on the Apps and start using it.

 The Apps

Hope you have followed all the steps and created Microsoft 365 E3 Trial.

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