How To Create The Sandbox Game Account Using METAMASK


You need to have a cryptocurrency wallet before you can register on the Sandbox. You can either make a new bitcoin wallet or attach an existing one that you already own. Cryptocurrency wallets are free to create. We'll go over how to sign up for an account on the Sandbox using one of the platform's accepted cryptocurrency wallets.

The first thing you need to do is to set up your METAMASK WALLET

What is Metamask

Metamask is a cryptocurrency wallet that works with almost all Ethereum based Platforms while there are a variety of wallet services available. Metamask is by far the most popular with over 21 million monthly active users.

Metamask is a free wallet service that may be used through a smartphone app or a web browser extension. This means that similar to an ad blocker extension you may download it directly onto your phone or the google, chrome, Mozilla, firefox or edge browser. The metamask aspect simply refers to the fact that it’s always linked to the internet allowing you to move your crypto assets around at any time after you’ve downloaded them. To set up metamask  wallet  Visit

The Sandbox Game

Visit here to The Sandbox Game.

The Sandbox marketplace on the sandbox map click sign-in in the top right corner, make sure your wallet is also set to the correct blockchain.

A project and in this case ethereum next click metamask. Then metamask will display a pop-up asking you to connect click next and click the connect button to continue connecting your wallet.

The sandbox will now ask you to add an email address and create a nickname. After you’ve done that click continue to finish setting up your account.

You can also voluntarily provide a password if you’d like to use the sandbox editor click sign on the venomas signature request to complete your account.

Once you’ve successfully connected, you’ll see the account balance and profile picture in the top right of the website, and just like that you’re in the sandbox metaverse. The next step is up to you, now what can you do in the sandbox. You can purchase property and create games that other people can play, you also have the freedom to monetize the games on your property and make money as people play. The game maker is a basic and easy to use online tool that allows players to create, test and share experiences such as games within the sandbox’s metaverse, whether or not they’re skilled in the field the sandbox.

Make is a platform for you to showcase your creative abilities engage with communities and contribute to the development of the sandboxes metaverse.

The online maker is simple to use and allows everyone to create their own experiences. It has a simple drag and drop interface and allows you to arrange various items and pieces in an environment, specify how they interact and then share your work with others in the sandbox metaverse.

There’s no need to know how to code, from a large library of community developed and professional resources you may display goods, put characters and change geography, arrange epic quests, and organize structures in the game maker studio. You can also choose the rent out land but it is advisable to create digital assets on your land to make it attractive to potential renters. The cost of renting out land is determined by a number factors including its size, location and closeness to other popular and gaming events, it isn’t as straightforward as it appears to be because people who went to rent examine the number of criteria before making a decision. So you must make your house appealing to renters and now the final strategy that you can use is to start by creating or purchasing digital assets from the marketplace before renting out your land, make it presentable this will assist you in getting a higher rent.

Visit here to the Opensea.

I hope you’ll be able to set up your sandbox profile


I hope you now understand how to create the sandbox game account using metamask.

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