How to Customize Auto-Play Setting On Windows 10


In Microsoft Windows 10, the AutoPlay feature lets you choose an action for different kinds of media when inserting a removable disk like external hard disk/SSD, CD or DVD or memory card on your system. You can set AutoPlay to open such as photos, music, and video.
When you insert a removable drive or a device such as a memory card, CD or DVD into your system. AutoPlay detects the kind of media, which you have inserted and automatically takes with a default action. The main advantage of the AutoPlay option is that you don’t should open the same app or re-select, every time you plug-in a new device.
Go to the Windows icon and click Settings.
When the settings app open, click the “Devices” icon.
You can choose the Autoplay option from the left panel and turn on to use AutoPlay for all media and devices.

Removable drive

The removable drive offers different type of options from the drop-down list:
  • Take no action.
  • Open the folder to view the files (File Explorer).
  • Ask me every time.
  • Configure this drive for the backup (File history).
  • Configure the storage settings (settings).

Memory card

Memory card offers different types of options such as:
  • Import photos and videos (Photos).
  • Play videos file (VideosLAN VLC media player).
  • Play (Windows Media Player).
  • Take no action.
  • Open the folder to view the files (File Explorer).
  • Ask me every time.
Choose your option, which you want and exit.
Another way to configure Autoplay Default settings
Right-click on the Windows icon. Select Control Panel and click AutoPlay. You can choose, what to do when the removable drive contains another type of media such as pictures, videos, music or mixed content.


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