How To Design The Perfect Mobile App Icon

In this article you will learn how to design the perfect Mobile App Icon.

Nowadays there are numerous ways to drive more people to download your app and among them the most effective remains the perfect icon. We believe that small things add to big differences and this thinking prove to be highly efficient as it helps in determining app’s success in an easier manner. Here we offer tips on how to do it easily by designing the perfect mobile icon that’s easily recognized. After all, app icons play a big role in boosting user engagement.


Well, needless to say, your mobile icon is what your users must interact with instead of the content or the features. You can have more people download your app by ensuring your app is not skimmed over. An appealing and interactive app icon design is what you need to allure users, making them download your app.

Tips to design an extraordinary app icon:

  1. Use a Shape or Symbol Defining the App Instantly

    Use an icon that enables the users to immediately guess what the app is about just by one look at the logo. This way you can make users open and download your app and at the same time your icon must express your app idea and concept in an impressive manner. You can do it well with the use of unique shapes or symbols defining the app. The icon should be such that it is instantly recognized on a user’s screen along with search listing pages, thus you can find your app easily.

  2. Pick Vibrant Colors

    Use bright and vibrant colors in app icon as it helps your mobile application shine against the user’s background image as well as against other applications installed by him/her. Also icons with vibrant colors are recognized way easily amid the clutter of your user’s mobile device. Meanwhile, you need to choose the icon color in a careful manner and test it well so that it appears well on wide-ranging backgrounds. Blue is the prominently used color with most companies out there capitalizing on the same by building apps in blue. However, as you choose blue, you are certain to face a lot of competition.

  3. Keep Your App Icon Simple

    Many times app designers add a lot of images or colors in order to make the icon appear eye-catching and this is where the mistake occurs as this entirely fails them. When many colors, images or graphics are used, the icon looks crammed up and this doesn’t please the users. The major mobile app icons have their focus on just one concept or element and this remains the key strategy to keep it simple as that works the best.

  4. Right Use of Words

    In case including words in your app icon sounds impressive to you, then you should use them instantly. It’s advised to not use long words in an app icon with them being difficult to read in this small space as well as it can seem crammed up. After all it’s the icon of your mobile app that’s significant, and not the name. Even the designers have difficulty in adjusting long words within the limited space. Rather you must use just the first letter of the app name, company or brand.

  5. Be Unique and Creative

    In an attempt to stand out among the rest with the help of your mobile app, you should be building simple concepts by being exceptionally creative and unique. Often the intricate deliverables are built on simple and intuitive shape compositions.

  6. Maintain Consistency

    The app interface to icon consistency reinforces the visual narrative, thus consistency between the experience of app icon interaction and interaction with the app that’s represented must be maintained. For this reason you can create a unified, sleek app image in the user’s minds as that adds to satisfaction, virality and retention. You can also create consistency keeping the color palette of your icon and interface in line as well as use a consistent and similar design language.

  7. Test Your App Icon on Different Backgrounds

    A/B testing of the app icon is useful in ensuring that it renders an enhanced look and feel among all backgrounds. Though the icon may appear dazzling against the raindrops backgrounds, however it may not appear such on all wallpapers. Thus, you must test the mobile app icon against as many types of wallpaper as are allowed as well as make endeavors to group your design into folders as that way it’s easy to determine how it appears and feels.


Well, the mobile app icon not only boosts visibility but increases the number of downloads as well. Thus, the idea is to keep it simple, attractive and meaningful to the users.