How To Disable Browser Notifications In Google Chrome


Here is a video explains step by step how to enable or disable browser notifications in Chrome.
Step by Step 
If you’re annoyed by the browser notifications and want to disable or block them, you can do it from your browser settings.
Here are the steps.
Step 1. Open Chrome Browser settings open Chrome and go to Settings or simply type the following in your Chrome browser URL textbox.
This will open the Settings window.
Chrome Settings 
Step 2. On this window, click on the Advanced tab at the bottom.
This will open Advanced settings. Here, Go to Content Settings and click on it.
Chrome Content Settings 
Step 3. You will see various Content Settings. Find Notifications and click on it.
Browser Notifications Settings 
Step 4. This is where you will see Blocked and Allow notifications for various websites.
Disable browser notifications 
Go to Allow part of the window and find the URL you do not wish to receive notifications from. Click on three dots on the right side and you will see a DropDown with three options – Block, Edit, and Remove.
Click on Block or Remove to block or remove a URL respectively. 

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