How to Embed an Image to an email in Power Automate


Power Automate doesn't have a native action specifically designed to embed images directly into an email introduction. In my article, I delve into the step-by-step process of seamlessly integrating visuals within your automated emails, enhancing their impact, and engaging your audience more effectively.

Step 1. Log into the Power Automate portal and click Create.

Step 2. Select Instant Cloud flow.

Step 3. Select a name and choose Manually trigger a flow.

Cloud flow

Step 4. Select Choose an operation à Get file content in OneDrive à. Select the path to the image.

In this example, an image is uploaded from OneDrive.

Get file content

Step 5. Choose an operation à Compose.


Step 6. Select Expression and type ‘datauri’

Step 7. In brackets, select Dynamic Content and click File Content.

Datauri expression allows value to convert to correct formatting.

Dynamic Content

Data URI

Step 8. Choose an operation à Initialize variable.

In this step, we need to create a variable to pass through the string established before.

Choose operation

Step 9. Fill accordingly, and in the Expression tab, type as,

concat(' <img src = "', click Dynamic content and click outputs , '"alt = "" />')

Final Expression : concat(' <img src = "',outputs('Compose'), '"alt = "" />')

In this step, Combine a string of html formatting to pass this image into the email.

Initialize variable

Step 10. Choose an operation à Send an Email.

Now, in the Dynamic Content, the image is displayed as a variable.


Note. You can include this in any type of flow.

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