How To Expand Archive For A User Or Entire Organization In M365 Via PowerShell


Users can increase their mailbox storage space through archiving in Microsoft 365, also known as in-place archiving.

Obtain the required permissions

To enable or disable archive mailboxes in Exchange Online, you must have been given the Mail Recipients role. On the Permissions tab in the Exchange admin center, this role is by default assigned to the Recipient Management and Organization Management role groups.

Expanding Archive for User

Get-Mailbox [email protected] | select autoexp*

Enable-Mailbox [email protected] -AutoexpandingArchive

Expanding Archive for Entire Organization

Get-OrganizationConfig | fl autoexp*

Set-OrganizationConfig -AutoExpandingArchive

Get-OrganizationConfig | fl autoexp*


In this demo, we have learned How to Expand Archive for a user or entire organization in M365 via PowerShell. If you have any questions, please comment under this article using the comment box.

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