How To Hide (Disable) Your Personal Information On The Windows 10 Login Screen


In Microsoft Windows 10, if you are logging in to your Microsoft Windows account, Windows 10 login screen shows the details like name and Email address for the last user, who signed in. When you are using the laptop in public, it is less secure than requiring you to enter the user name or password to get into your systems (laptop or computer). Windows 10 login screen does not show the details (Name and Emails address) by itself.
If you want to hide (disable) your personal information on the Windows 10 login screen, you follow the steps, given below-
Step 1
Go to the settings option from the Start menu.
Step 2
When you select the setting option, you chose the accounts options, as shown below-
Step 3
When you chose the account option, you will get the new dialogue with new settings and you will select the sign in options, as shown below-
Step 4
When you select the sign in, you will get the new setting with a new box, which needs to be opened. You will select the privacy and press the click for off, as shown below-
Now, after this process, your login screen personal details are turned off. If any other user uses your systems, the other user is not able to see your personal details.


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