How To Increase The Number Of Jump Lists In Windows 10


Microsoft Windows 10 allows you to adjust the number of items in Jump Lists. In my system, Windows 10 demonstrates a maximum of 11 things for every application that supports Jump List. These items are visible in the taskbar and start menu if you opened the app or pinned it there.
In Windows 7 and Windows 8, you have changed the number of Jump Lists from the taskbar settings or directly in the registry. The same registry mod didn’t work for me in Windows 10.
You have to increase your jump list follow these steps,
Step 1
Open the Registry Editor, you will write on the taskbar search box “regedit”.
Step 2
In the Registry Editor, use the left side panel and navigate to the key, given below-
Step 3
Click Start_JumpListItems and click Modify. Select Decimal and enter how many recent items, you want to display in Jump List and click OK button.
Step 4
Close Registry Editor.
Now, you may restart your system to complete the change and you will see the increasing number of Jump Lists.


In this article, we learned about how to increase the number of jump lists in Windows 10.