How To Insert A Default Value In SQL Statement

This is an interesting query in every developer's mind: What happens if the table has columns with default values only and we want to insert a new row with a default value?

Isn't it interesting? I am pretty much sure your mind horses started running and you are trying to solve this query but if not then never mind below few steps will help you to understand this concept.

To understand this let's take an example. Let's create a table with the default value  (Just to let you know we are using SQL Server :) )

CREATE TABLE #CSharpRegistration (Id INT IDENTITY(1,1), 
FirstName VARCHAR(250) DEFAULT 'Registration fname',
LastName VARCHAR(250) DEFAULT 'Registration Lname')

Now, once the table is created you might be wondering what's new in this, it has a default value and identity column. There is nothing much in creating a statement but magic exists in the below statement.

INSERT INTO #CSharpRegistration (FirstName,LastName) VALUES (DEFAULT,DEFAULT)

Once you write the above insert statement and run it. You will find that a default row is inserted in the table. To check run below simple SQL Statement.

SELECT * FROM #CSharpRegistration

See, below image of execution of above statement.

How To Insert A Default Value In SQL Statement

I hope this small article solves your query.

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