How to Install NgRok Tunneling Software


Ngrok is software that provides a secure tunnel to expose a local server to the internet. It creates a secure tunnel between your local server and the NgRok servers. Any traffic that passes through this tunnel is encrypted. With NgRok, you can share a web application running on your local machine with anyone worldwide by giving them a URL. Ngrok is widely used for testing and development purposes. It provides an easy way to test a web application running on a local machine with external parties or expose a local server behind a NAT or firewall to the internet. This is the most popular software in recent days.

Steps of Installation of NgRok

Step 1. Download the binary file of ngrok 

The first step is downloading the ngrok binary file from the ngrok website. Ngrok is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Go to and download the binary file for your operating system.

NgRok downloads

Step 2. Extract the binary file or Unzip the file.

NgRok Extract file

Step 3. Now Double Click to the ngrok.exe file.

NgRok Initial

Now we need to execute some ngrok commands according to ngrok documentation.

Step 4.  Authenticate ngrok

To use ngrok, you need to authenticate your account. Sign up for an account on the ngrok website and copy the auth token provided to you.

NgRok Authentication

Next, we will write the Authentication command on the cmd

NgRok Authentication

Now Output will be,

NgRok output

Step 5. Expose your local server with this command-  ngrok http https://localhost:7001, and the output will be,

NgRok Live

Now your Local Server Becomes an Online Server with Internet your local server available publicly. Through the forwarding link -

if you want to provide your API publicly, you can add your local address with the ngrok address, and then you can provide it. Like this -https://3145-103-153-208 Now your API is publicly available over the internet.


Ngrok is a useful tool that securely exposes a local server to the internet. It is easy to install and use and provides a simple way to share web applications running on your local machine with anyone worldwide. Follow the steps outlined in this article to install and use ngrok. This article definitely will help you.

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