How To Install Visual Studio Code On Windows 11


In this article, I will explain how we can install and configure Visual Studio Code on Windows 11.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a source code editor that supports Java, JavaScript, Go, Node.js, Python, and C++, among other programming languages. It's built on the Electron framework, which is used to create Node.js Web apps that leverage the Blink layout engine. The same editor component (codenamed "Monaco") that is used in Azure DevOps is utilized in Visual Studio Code (formerly called Visual Studio Online and Visual Studio Team Services).

Rather than having a project system, it allows users to open one or more folders, which may subsequently be stored as workspaces for later use. As a result, it may be used as a language-independent code editor for any language. It supports a variety of programming languages, each with its own set of capabilities. The parameters can be used to exclude unwanted files and directories from the project tree.

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Installing VS Code

1. Visit and download the version specific to your OS.

2. Download process will start.

3. Once the download is complete. Open the file and accept the agreement.

4. Select the drive location where you need to install the VS Code.

5. Select the folder name for the VS Code setup files.

6. Select the additional task, you want to do by the installer. I wanted to have "Open with Code" added to both the File and Directory content menu, hence I selected those.

7. Check if all the settings. Click on "< Back" if you need to change anything.

8. Click on "Install", and the installation process will start.

9. After installation, click "Finish"

Optional Steps

10. After VS Code opens, select the color them.

11. You can sync all your setting either with GitHub or Microsoft Account.

12. Select what all you want to Sync. Click "Sign-in & Turn on".


In this article, we discussed How to install Visual Studio Code on Windows 11.

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