How To Read And Write Data From Dynamics 365 F & O Using API From Power Automate Flow?

To read and write data from Dynamics 365 F & O using API from Power Automate Flow, you can follow these general steps,

Set up the connection to Dynamics 365 F&O

In Power Automate Flow, create a new connection to Dynamics 365 F&O by clicking the "New Connection" button and selecting "Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations". Follow the prompts to enter the required information, such as the URL of your Dynamics 365 instance, your username, and your password.

Select the API endpoint

Choose the API endpoint that you want to work with. Dynamics 365 F&O supports various APIs, such as the Data Management API, the OData API, and the Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations API. Choose the one that fits your use case.

Define the action

Define the action you want to perform, such as creating a new record, updating an existing record, or retrieving data.

Configure the action

Set the parameters and configure the action, such as selecting the table, fields, and filters for the data you want to retrieve or update.

Test the flow

Test the flow to make sure it works as expected.

Here's an example of how to retrieve data from Dynamics 365 F&O using the OData API,

  • Create a new flow in Power Automate.
  • Add the "HTTP" action from the actions list.
  • Set the method to "GET" and the URI to the OData API endpoint that you want to use, such as "https://<your-instance>".
  • Add an "Authorization" header to the HTTP action with your Dynamics 365 F&O credentials.
  • Add a "Parse JSON" action to parse the API response into a format you can work with.
  • Configure the "Parse JSON" action to use a schema that matches the data structure of the API response.
  • Use the parsed data in subsequent steps in your flow.

Similarly, you can use other API endpoints to create or update records in Dynamics 365 F&O. The process will be similar. Still, the parameters and configurations will differ depending on the endpoint you choose.

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