How To Remove Title As Mandatory Field From SharePoint List

So, now that we have learned how to create a list in SharePoint, let's go  inside the table and see how to customize and develope our table further for real time use. This article is in continuation to my previous one on How to create a table in SharePoint.
Once you create a List in SharePoint, by default you will see Title as one of the columns in your table which is a mandatory field. You also have the option to add new columns to your table using the Add Column button next to your title. 
Once you click on Add Column, you will get to select what type of column (single line, multi line, text, number) and also there are a few more options like default value, make it mandatory, etc. This is pretty simple and you can create as many columns as you want based on your requiement. 
So far, all works perfectly as expected.!... But there are a few scenarios where you won't be using Title Column in your table which gets created automatically and is a mandatory field. So this article will explain  how we can remove the tile as a mandatory field from your SharePoint List. 
Let's get started...
Once you create a list in your SharePoint, it looks something like in the below snippet.
Step 1 - (Click on List Settings)
On the top right corner, Click on Settings --->List Settings
Step 2 - (Navigate to Advance Settings)
Step 3 - (Changing content type)
By default it will be No, change it to Yes and Save the changes.
Step 4
Navigate to columns and click on Title.
Step 5
Select the radio button as shown in the below snippet and save the changes.
Now, you can try adding fields to your table and there you go, the title is not a mandatory field now.
So, now that we have understood how to remove Title, let's also see how to arrange our Columns in the order we want in our list.
The below snippet shows columns we created and we can also observe that column4, column3 are not in order and so let's try to arrange them in the order we want. 
Click on All Items drop down on the right corner of your List and Select Edit current View 
It will navigate you to the below page, where you can change the position by modifying Position from Left and click on Ok
Now your table looks like this.


To put all together, now we have gained some knowledge on setting up a table(list) in our SharePoint. Now the next point is where can we use this data and how to connect this data as a source to your applications. 
Please comment down below if you want me to make more articles on SharePoint and also let me know the topics you would like to see more.
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