How To Reset The App Data In Windows 10


In earlier versions of Windows, there were no shortcut options to reset application data. Users had to uninstall and then install the applications again. But now, in the Anniversary Update of Windows 10, you can reset application data without reinstalling the applications.
For resetting the application, follow these steps - 
Step 1
First, click on the Settings button in the Start menu window. Then, select the System.
Step 2
In the System Settings window, select App and features option from the left pane.
Step 3
This will open the application settings section in the right. As an example, let's select the Xbox app for resetting the data.
Step 4
The Xbox settings window will open. Here, go to advanced options for resetting the data.
Step 5
Now, click on the Reset button. This will reset the data of the app, as shown in the image.


That's it. Now, you have reset the data of your Windows 10 app, without reinstalling the application.