How To Share Files Between Ubuntu And Windows 10


File sharing between Ubuntu and Windows is a major problem when you are working with both operating systems simultaneously. Either you are working on different systems, or using a virtual box, or a dual boot method.
Using a USB drive to share files and folders between Ubuntu and Windows 10 is very annoying, especially when you are working on different devices.
With the help of various methods, you can share files and folders between Ubuntu and Windows 10. But, in this article, I will show you the sharing of files and folders between Ubuntu and Windows 10 using a shared network folders method.
If you are a beginner and want to install Ubuntu on Windows 10, then you should read my previous article, in which I have described in detail on the topic, "How To Install Ubuntu On Windows 10 Using VirtualBox".
This article will show you various steps on, how to share the files and folders between Ubuntu and Windows 10 PC.

Using a Shared Network Folder

If you are afraid of using any 3rd party software, then, this method for you. This method doesn't need any 3rd party software. With the help of a quick and easy configuration on your system, you can easily share your files and folders between the Windows 10 PC and Ubuntu.
Step 1
From the start menu, open the "System Settings" (Alternatively, you can open the System Settings by pressing the "Windows + I" key).
Step 2
Click on the "Network & Internet" option.
Step 3
Under the "Change your network settings", click on the "Sharing options".
click on the "Sharing options"
Alternatively, you can open the "Advanced sharing options" by following the below shortcuts.
  1. On the right side of the taskbar, just right-click on the Internet access button and select the "Open network and sharing center" option.
  2. "Network and Sharing Center" window will appear on the screen, now click on the "Change advanced sharing settings" option on the left pane.  
Step 4
Make sure that "Network discovery" and "File and printer sharing" options are turned on.
follow the instructitons below
Step 5
Now, navigate to the folder that you want to share with Ubuntu, right-click on it and select "Properties".
navigate the desired folder
Step 6
On the “Sharing” tab, click the “Advanced Sharing” button.
click the “Advanced Sharing” button
Step 7
Check (select) the “Share this folder” option, and then click the “Permissions” button to proceed.
select the “Share this folder” option
Step 8
Now, it's time to set the permissions. (I suggest you give all permissions, read, change, full change to share the folder to transfer the file from windows to Ubuntu or vice versa) and click the "Apply" button to proceed.
choose the permissions
Step 9
Now, on Ubuntu, open the "File". Then, click on "Other Locations" to proceed.
select the File option
Step 10
Type the following command in the search bar next to the "Connect to server" and then click on the "Connect" button.
smb://<Windows PC IP>/<Windows Shared Folder Name>
For ex, smb:// Folder.
type the following command
If you don't know your system IP, don't be afraid ( I also did not know my IP). But, you can find your system IP by typing the "ipconfig" command in the command prompt (cmd) (It will work for both Windows 10 PC as well as Ubuntu).
type ipconfig command
Step 11
A "password required for share 'Share Folder' on" prompt will appear on the screen. Now, it's time to authenticate your identity.
authenticate your identity
Step 12
Now, select (check) the "Registered User" option and type your "Username" and "Password" of your Windows PC and then, click on the "Connect" button to proceed.
enter yourwindows PC username and password
Step 13
Now, you will be able to access all the files and folders that are available in the Shared folder. And, you can work on it, save it, and even transfer the files between Windows 10 PC to Ubuntu or vice-versa with the help of this shared folder.
Congratulations! You have successfully configured your shared folder between Windows PC and Ubuntu. Simply, you can put any file in a shared folder in a Windows 10 PC and access it on Ubuntu and work on it, saving it. This  will be reflected in your shared folder on Windows PC or vice versa.


By following the above steps, you can easily share the files or folders between Ubuntu and Windows 10.
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Thanks for reading this article!