How To Stop (Disable) Running App In The Background In Windows 10


Microsoft Windows 10 has a feature that the apps have permission to run in the background. Whenever you touch the app, it starts running in the background unless you shut down your system or close the app manually, from the background. Even in the background, the app consumes power and memory space in your RAM. This might make your system process slow. If you are a laptop user and your system starts after waiting a while, then there is a possibility that any app is running in the background. 
If you want to disable the running app, follow these steps.
Step 1
Click the Start Menu and select Settings.
Step 2
In the Settings window,  select Privacy.
Step 3
You will get a new window for settings wherein the left pane, you have background apps option.
Step 4
Select the background apps. This will show the list of the apps running in the background, as shown below.
Step 5
Disable whatever apps you don't want to be running.  Here, we disable the Groove Music app, as shown below.
Similarly, you can disable as many apps as you want.


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