How To Turn ON Or OFF SmartScreen Filter In Microsoft Edge In Windows 10


In Microsoft Windows 10, the SmartScreen protects your PC by checking the downloaded documents and web content inside applications for malicious code and conceivably hazardous web content. This is often an extension of the SmartScreen Filter available in the Microsoft side browser.
SmartScreen Filter in Microsoft Edge keeps you safe from downloading and introducing unsafe programming and applications. Furthermore, it warns you about sites that are not trusted.
Step 1
In this step, open the Microsoft Edge application.
Step 2
Tap on the "More Action" catch in the upper right corner, as shown in the below picture.
Step 3
In the "More Actions" drop-down, tap/click on the Settings option.
Step 4
In this Settings pane, click on the "View advanced settings" button.
Step 5
Now, locate the "Help protect me from malicious sites and downloads with SmartScreen Filter" option. Turn the toggle ON for proper activation of the setting.


That's it. Now, you are all set with SmartScreen Filter. I hope you enjoyed this article.
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