How To Update Power BI


Do you really need to update Power BI? Yes. Microsoft team updates Power BI from time to time. But how you can update your application? Here you will find the answer in this article.
There are two ways to install Power BI:
  1. Download it directly from the web.

    How To Update Power BI

  2. From the Microsoft Store.

    How To Update Power BI
If you download the app from the Microsoft store, you need to have a Microsoft account. You need not pay for Power BI. This app is free in the Microsoft store.

Auto Update Power BI Desktop

If you Install Power BI from the Microsoft store then it will be updated automatically. This is the main difference between the installation of Power BI from store and directly from the web. As soon as the Power BI developer updates anything, the Microsoft store version will automatically update itself to the latest version. You need not do anything to keep it up-to-date.

Manually Update Power BI Desktop

Power BI team updates this application every month. If you download this application directly from the web then you need to update it manually. But how do you know when you update it?
First, you need to check which version you are using. To know it, go to the File tab and click on ‘About’.
How To Update Power BI 
Once you are clicked on ‘About’ you can see which version of Power BI you are using.
How To Update Power BI 
As per the above image, I am using the ‘September 2020’ version. So, I need to update it. My first priority is to get a notification to update my app. So I am going to apply for notification for an update.
To do so, go to the ‘File’ tab and click on ‘Options and Settings’, and then click on ‘Options’.
How To Update Power BI 
Click on ‘Updates’ to get a notification when your application needs to update.
How To Update Power BI 
Click on the check box and then click on ‘Ok’. Now you will get a notification when you open the application.
Once you open your application and if it needs to update then a small pop-up will reflect at the lower-right corner. See the below image.
How To Update Power BI 
This highlighted update icon will be removed after a few seconds. But you will still get this at the same side link in the below image.
How To Update Power BI 
Click on it and you will go to the below link.
How To Update Power BI 
Here you can get the detail of new released Power BI version. You can download the latest version by click on ‘Download Power BI Desktop’.Once you click on it you will get the below message.
How To Update Power BI 
Select the check box and click on ‘Open’. The Microsoft Store will be opened and now you are able to install the latest version.
How To Update Power BI 
After clicking on install, you need to log in with your Microsoft account. After login, it will start downloading the app.
How To Update Power BI 
After completion of downloading you will get a notification. You can launch it.
How To Update Power BI 
If you missed the click on it and this notification disappears after a few seconds, open the Microsoft store and click on ‘Launch’ as ‘Install on my devices’.
How To Update Power BI
How To Update Power BI 
The latest version will be installed on your PC. You can check it to click on ‘About’ at the ‘File’ tab.
How To Update Power BI 

What’s new in the November 2020 Version

Let have a look at the update coming to this version. Here is the full list of November Power BI updates:
  • New Field List 
  • New Model View
  • Apply all filters is now generally available
  • Visual Zoom Slider
  • Datapoint rectangle select extended to Map visual
  • Certificate revocation check for web connections
  • Paginated Reports Updates
  • Crediting total labels for stacked visuals (Sept 2020)
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Q&A now supports partial matching data values
Data connectivity
  • Hive LLAP connector generally available
  • New connectors: Actian, Anaplan, Starburst Presto
  • Certified and Promoted reports and apps
  • The ‘new look’ of the Power BI service is live
  • New Visualizations
  • Zebra BI 4.4
  • New Visual by ZoomCharts: Drill Down Map PRO
  • xViz Scatter/ Bubble chart
  • Editor’s picks


I hope you understand how to update Power BI. If you have any doubts then leave a comment below. I will try to help. Thanks for reading and have a good day.