How To Update Settings In Windows 10


Windows update setting automatically downloads and installs an update in Windows 10. In Windows 10 updates have been classified, based on security, highlights, redesign rollups and so on. You can click the start button, select Settings and choose Update & security.

Windows Update

In this option, you will check your updates system, if you need to manage your Windows 10 updates. If updates are available, click downloads and it updates the system. If updates are not available “your System is up-to-date”. In Windows 10, you would not need to visit this option to manually download or install updates but you can check your update history, change active hours and choose how your updates are installed.

Windows Defender

Windows Defender is a program that can help to attempt to detect and remove malware. In this option, you can turn on or off Real-time protection, Cloud-based protection, and sample submission. You can click add an exclusion and excluded files, folders, file-type,  and processes.


In this section, backup your records in another drive and re-establish them, if firsts are lost, harmed or erased and click more to see advanced settings to create backups of your files.


This section takes your system backup to an earlier time. If you can’t open settings, you need to restart your system from the sign-in screen. Press Window key + L to get a sign-in screen, select the power key and then restart your PC.
Advanced startup option changes to startup Windows settings or restores Windows from a system image and then restarts your system.


In this section, you can check your Windows 10 edition and you can change the product key, if you want.

For Developers

"For Developer" section is used only for the developers and is linked to the official Microsoft Website. If you want to sideload the apps, you will need to turn on this feature.


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