How To Use Quick-Access In File Explorer On Windows 10


Microsoft Windows 10 adds a new feature - Quick Access. This is the most basic of interfaces to give you easier access to your files. The Quick Access Toolbar is a small and customizable toolbar that specifies the application or selected files by the user. You can add your own favorite folders and files to the quick access list by dragging-and-dropping the files and folders. For removing a folder or file from quick access, right-click on the folder/file and select Unpin from Quick Access.
To add This PC folder in the Quick Access bar, right-click on This PC icon. A dialogue box will open.
Select Pin to Quick Access option.
pin to quick access
Immediately, your folder is added to the Quick Access.
pin to quick access
In this image, you can see that the folder has been added to the Quick Access.

Removing the folder from Quick Access

If you want to remove the folder, then right-click on the folder in the Quick Access and select Unpin from Quick Access.
unpin from quick access
quick access


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