How To Use The Quick Assist App In Windows 10


The Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update has the latest featured app, Quick Assist. This app is designed for quickly assisting any person with a problem. If you want to help the people who need assistance, then you can use this app. For example, if you are talking to a family member or friend on the phone and they say that they have a computer problem, then you can use Quick Assist to quickly connect to their PC and view their desktop. This way, you can help them solve their problems in their system.
To work with Quick Assist, follow this step.
Step 1
First, click on the start menu and select the Quick Assist app icon from the tiles. If you do not find it in tiles pane, you can search that by directly typing Quick Assist in the search bar.
Step 2
When you click on the Quick Assist icon, you get a new dialogue box, as shown below.
Step 3
Now, if you are willing to help, then click on the Give assistance option. You will get a new dialogue box asking for your Microsoft email id and password.
Step 4
When you fill the email address, you get a 6 digit code which is valid only for 10 minutes.
Step 5
Now, the needy person clicks on getting assistance and types the 6 digit code that you received, at the appropriate place.
Now, you are connected to the computer display of the person. You can help them from there, now.


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