Implementing Editable Forms For Related Entities In Dynamics CRM

During the implementation of Project in Dynamics CRM, we have at time requirement to allow the user to edit the related record in an entity, like if an Account is associated to Contact, then offering functionality to allow a user to edit the contact record been on the account record.
To date, Microsoft has offered us the functionality to view the record from contact, through a Quick View Form which allowed us to view the content of the related records.

Steps involved
  1. Create/define a relationship between the entities like here we are going to use the relationship of Account and Contact
  2. Create a new form – TYPE as MAIN and just add a single tab to it
  3. Add the required attributes to the same and in the desired manner
  4. Now open the open form and copy the GUID of this form which has been created by you, you may copy the GUID of this form through the URL

  5. Once this GUID is available we need to create a new XML

    <QuickForms><QuickFormIds><QuickFormId entityname="contact">SSSS1-AE68-4A41-BD2B-F13ACAC4ACFA</QuickFormId></QuickFormIds></QuickForms>

  6. Replace this GUID in the XML with the GUID of the form created by you and paste the content into it
  7. Now open the form, of account and select the attribute/lookup which needs to be replaced by this form, or where you want to offer an editable form to the user

  8. Save and Publish the form and the BINGO users will be now able to edit the contact record while been on the account record.