Install Docker On Windows And Create Containerized Application

In this article, we will see the installation of Docker on Windows Desktop and create and run our containerized application.

To download the installer use the below link.

We need a Docker account if we want to push our Docker image into Docker Hub.

We can create a Docker account very easily from the portal.

Once the download is completed, click the installer to start the installation. It will take a few minutes to complete the installation.

After the installation is over, we can find and open the Docker application using windows search.

Once the Docker is started, it will guide us to create and run a containerized application.

This guidance will help us to start using Docker directly by using a sample application available on GitHub

Please refer to the screenshot below.

We can copy the command and run it in CLI

After the command execution, click the Next Step button to build the image.

Execute the Docker Build command to build the image.

This may take couple of minutes to complete. Please wait to complete the execution.

Next step is to Run our application.

Click the Next Step button and execute the command to run our first container in Docker.

Please refer to the screenshot below.

Wait few minutes to complete the command execution.

Once the command execution is over check the localhost:  http://localhost:80,

We will get the page as below. 

We can login into a DockerHub account to push this image to DockerHub to use/share our image in the future.


We successfully installed Docker on our Windows desktop, created a container with sample application from GitHub, and made it run as isolated from the rest of our system.

I will share more about Docker in my coming articles.

Thanks for reading!

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