Install Moodle On IIS Server

Moodle is an open source Learning Management System which is used to teach students online through course materials.

MOODLE – Stands for Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment.

  • Developed by: Martin Dougiamas
  • Operating System: Crass-Platform
  • Front-End: PHP
  • Back-End: MySQL

It is a web oriented learning platform so we can access it anywhere online.

Now we are going to see how to install this learning platform onto IIS Server.

Step 1: To install Moodle on IIS we need to enable IIS service in our System.

The following steps are used to enable IIS Service.

Go to Start, click Control Panel, Programs and Features, then click "Turn Windows features on or off"

Turn Windows features
Figure 1: Turn Windows feature on or off

After clicking Windows features the following dialog box will appear. In the dialog box we need to check the check box of Internet Information Services (IIS).

Enable IIS
                           Figure 2: Enable IIS

After enabling the IIS Service the IIS Server dialog box opens.

Step 2:

enabling the IIS Service
                                                   Figure 3: IIS Server

Step 3: Expand the Server link then right click on Site, then click Add Web Site

IIS Server
                                             Figure 4: Adding Web site

Step 4: Add Web Site dialog box will open in that box mentioning site name. Choose directory path and the IP address and then hit OK.

Adding Web site
                                                   Figure 5

Step 5: Now your new web site Moodle is added under default Web site main root directory of Sites.

website Dialog box
                                                         Figure 6

Step 6: In the second column of Moodle home double click Directory Browsing.

                                       Figure 7: Directory Browsing

Directory Browsing
                                                      Figure 8

Here we have to enable Long date and then hit Apply on the right hand side column.

                                                      Figure 9

Step 7: After Enabling Directory Browsing come back to moodle home column. In that column double click Handler Mappings

enable Long date
                                                      Figure 10

The Dialog box will appear in that, choose PHP FastCGI, the box will appear, and mention the following details in that box

Dialog box
                                                   Figure 11

After enabling fast CGI mode your site is ready to process.

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