Install Sitecore 10 (Step By Step Using SIA)

Hi! In this tutorial article, we will learn how to install Sitecore 10 (a Digital Experience Platform and Content Hub for Digital Transformation), with the SIA (Sitecore Installation Assistant) method, that is, in a simple way through a graphical user interface.


We’ll need to have Microsoft SQL Server 2017 or a higher version. We’ll also need SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

With this in mind, we will be able to install Sitecore 10 with the following steps.

1. Download Packages to install Sitecore.

Download source:

Install Sitecore

2. Setup.exe

With the packages downloaded and extracted, we then run setup.exe.

Note: In case we need to set detailed parameters for our new Sitecore instance, we can review the setup.exe.config file and make the configurations needed.

3. Starting the installation process.

4. Installing Sitecore Prerequisites.

In this step, the wizard will download and install the necessary requirements for our new Sitecore instance.

An additional step that we can perform to avoid problems later is to check that the features related to ASP.NET are activated, in relation to IIS (Internet Information Services):

5. Installing Solr search service.

In this step, we can install the Solr service with the name, port, and path that we specify. In case we already have a Solr instance prepared previously, we can skip this installation step.

6. Sitecore instance configuration.

This is a very important step, as we will specify the name of the instance to install Sitecore t the password for the admin user. Here we will also have to upload the Sitecore license file.

7. Microsoft SQL Server settings.

In this case, here we must specify the instance of our SQL Server, with the admin user, and the password.

8. Solr settings.

In this step, we will have to specify the URL of the Solr service, its location, and its name.

8. Add additional Sitecore modules (optional step).

9. Installation.

At this point, we will have everything ready to install our new Sitecore instance. Before proceeding, the installation wizard will display the summary of the configurations made:

As we continue, the wizard will also verify that the connection strings, license, and installation files are configured correctly:

Then the installation will be carried out:

10. New instance created.

With our new instance created, what we have left to do is access the website by clicking Launch Sitecore, or through the link specified for the access of this new instance:

Install Sitecore

That's great!! Our new instance is ready, now we can enter the Sitecore dashboard with our previously specified credentials and start working.

Install Sitecore

Thanks for reading!

If you have any questions or ideas in mind, it will be a pleasure to be able to be in communication with you, and together exchange knowledge with each other.

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