Install SSL Certificate (.pfx File)To IIS On Windows Server Machine

In this article, we are going install SSL certificate to IIS with .pfx file stored at the server's local drive. 


We have .pfx file which has an  SSL certificate we need to install on IIS in Windows server.


  • Virtual Server Machine (In my case Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard)
  • IIS (I have used IIS Version: 8.5)
  • .pfx file


We need to install SSL certificate on IIS (internet information service).


Please follow these steps to install a certificate on IIS with .pfx file.

I will consider that you already have .pfx file.

  1. Go to the folder which has .pfx file.
  2. Right-click on that .pfx file highlighted with a red border, it will open a popup window with Install PFX option at first as in Screen 1. 

     Screen 1

  3.  After clicking on Install PFX option, it will open a new window called Certificate Import Wizard as in Screen 2. Click on Next button

    Screen 2
  4. After clicking on Next button, it will go to File to Import window, Notice File name in File to Import section, It is already filled with .pfx file name, Now, click on Next button as in Screen 3. 


    Screen 3


  5. After clicking on Next button, it will go to the Password window as in Screen 4, if you have added password while creating the .pfx file then put that password in password text box, else leave as it is(blank), and click on Next button.

    Screen 4

  6. After clicking on the Next button, it will go to Certificate Store Window as in Screen 5, Leave default selected option as it is, if you don’t want to change it, else you can go with the second option. For now, I am going with the default option and click on Next button as in Screen5.

    Screen 5

  7. After clicking on the Next button, it will open Completing the Certificate Import Wizard window, Click on Finish button as in Screen 6.

    Screen 6

  8. After clicking on Finish button, it will be showing the alert message that The Import was successful as in Screen 7.

    Screen 7

  9. Click on Ok.
  10. Now, we need to check whether Server certificate installed or not, For check it, we need to go to IIS(Internet Information Service).
  11. Press Window Key on keyboard, and search IIS Manager as in Screen 8, and click on IIS Manager in the list.

    Screen 8

  12. After clicking on IIS Manager, it will go to IIS Manager window, Expand tree structure of server by clicking on the arrow in highlighted area in Screen 9.

    Screen 9

  13. After clicking on the arrow, sometime popup message will come as in Screen 10, for now, click on cancel, and go to step 14.

    Screen 10

  14. Now, Select the Server (highlighted with red border) as in Screen 11.

    Screen 11

  15. Now, Scroll down for a bit in Features View as in Screen 12, Find Server Certificates and Double Click on it as in Screen 12.

    Screen 12

  16. After Double Clicked on Server Certificates, it will open list of the installed certificate, I have highlighted installed certificate in Screen 13.

    Screen 13


Now, Certificate is successfully imported to IIS after doing this we have also checked whether the certificate imported properly or not.