Install Visual Studio Express for the Web Online


Visual Studio Express for the web can be easily installed online. Here are the steps to install Visual Studio Express. This article is for beginners who want to start with Visual Studio. I have explained the steps with needed screenshots.

Let us first start with downloading Visual Studio Express for Web,

Step 1: Download Visual Studio Express for Web from the following link:
Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 for Web with Update 5


Step 2: Click the download button and choose the “vns_full.exe” for download and click next button.


Step 3: After clicking download, save one exe file.


Step 4: Go to particular exe location saved in your system and double click exe. After clicking the exe a security warning window will open.


After clicking run button, the confirmation window will open.

Step 5: 
Now by clicking the Continue button your installation will start,


Step 6: Select the I agree to the License Terms and Privacy Policy and click INSTALL.


Step 7: After clicking installation, installation process will start as in the following image:


Step 8: After finishing installation process click LAUNCH button like the following image.


Step 9:

Click LAUNCH button. After clicking launch button it will take some time to open. 

first use

Step 10: Finally, Visual Studio Express for Web is visible like the following image. Click New Project to create a new project.



These step helps those who are .NET beginners. We can install Visual Studio Express for Windows using the same steps.
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