Installation Steps For Visual Studio Community Edition 2015


This article explains the process of Microsoft Visual Studio Community Edition 2015 installation.

Steps for Installation

Step 1

We can download Visual Studio Community Edition 2015 from the following the link. After entering the Visual Studio download page, click “Free download” from Visual Studio Community menu.

Step 2

Now, you will be redirected to another page with a pop up showing you the VS package name. Click on "Save File"  anr the “vs_community_ENU__266050523.1487883645.exe” will be downloaded. Now, it will ask for save location; jus select a location and click "Save".

Step 3

Double click “vs_community_ENU__266050523.1487883645.exe” and click "Run".

Step 4

Select your installation location and type of installation. If you want to install all features, select default; if you want to install specified features, select custom. Finally, click the "Install" button.

Step 5

You can see the two progress bars for Acquiring and Applying, as shown in below screenshot. It will take some time to finish the installation.

Step 6

The "finished installation screen" will look like below. Just click "Restart Now". Your system will be restarted.

Step 7

After the restart, go to Start button >> All programs >> double click Visual Studio 2015.

Step 8

Visual Studio 2015 will open. We can sign in using Hotmail or Outlook mail Id. If you want to use it without signing in, just click “Not now, maybe later”.

Step 9

Now, the development settings are selected “General” by default. If needed, we can change that based on our requirement. Finally, chose color themes and click "Start Visual Studio".

Step 10

It will take few minutes to open Visual Studio for the first time. We can see the below screenshots.

Step 11

Now, we can see the full view. It looks like the below screenshot.


This article explained the installation process of Visual Studio 2015. We can follow the same steps to install Visual Studio 2017 Professional and Enterprise edition.