Installing .NET Core RTM



.NET Core is new a Microsoft Platform for a cross platform development and many other features and has great offerings for the developer community. Read more on .NET Core in my previous article 

On June 27, 2016, Microsoft released .NET Core RTM. This is a great milestone for the .NET Core team and the entire .NET Community.

Let’s prepare to install .NET Core RTM

If you want to install .NET Core on Windows, go to  the URL or . All the dependencies are mentioned on the download page but one extra thing which you need to have will be Visual Studio 2015 Update 3. You can download Update 3.

Launch the .NET Core RTM setup

Once you have installed Update 3 and downloaded the DotNetCore.1.0.0-VS2015Tools.Preview2.Exe, just launch it and you will see the setup proceeds, going through the following steps:

Accept the License terms and conditions.

Initializing takes place.

Installing .NET Core 1.0 is shown below:

Installing ASP .NET Core 1.0 is as follows:

Installing Nuget- Visual Studio 2015 is depicted below:

ASP .NET Web Tools is being installed, as shown below:

Visual Studio, as shown below:

Setup Completed, as shown below:

Let’s fire up Visual Studio 2015

When you launch Visual Studio 2015, you will be looking for “.NET Core” templates, as shown in the image below:

Also, under Web, you will notice .NET Core templates.

Create a new .NET Core Application

When you select a new .NET Core template and proceed with it, you will see a new project, and artifacts which are specifically designed to keep .NET Core’s cross-platform vision in mind.

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