Introduction to Adobe XD


Adobe XD is one of the most commonly used tools for designing the front end and exporting it into the required format. It is completely designed for the developers who are in the mindset of making their front end products the most attractive. The tool is provided by Adobe free of cost so that everyone is able to download and use this software for their use. You can download Adobe XD by clicking here. There's a lot of useful work that can be done with this tool. Let's discuss this tool briefly in this article.


The design process with Adobe XD is more comfortable compared to other tools. There are many predefined templates and artboard sizes available in XD. You can choose whichever you require to design, or you set the size of the artboard based on your requirements. The artboard is available for different devices, such as Android, iPhone, Ipad, and other tablets/devices.
Introduction To Adobe XD 
Introduction To Adobe XD
Based on your selection, the size of the artboard will be created. You can also edit the size of the artboard using the mouse if needed.
Introduction To Adobe XD
The tool allows you to do a lot of work while comparing with the other UI designing tools. The designing process in XD is made easier by adding some plug-ins. Apart from that, there will be a lot of icon packages available in XD, you can download it and use it based on your requirements.
Introduction To Adobe XD 

Prototyping in XD

In Adobe XD, there will be an option called prototype, which enables you to assign the button control for the buttons you designed in XD. That is just for simulation purposes without the back end. You can use the preview mode to see how the design looks like and how the button control works. The control can be assigned just by drag and drop method.
Introduction To Adobe XD
This will help you during the programming phase for the purpose of giving button control to the application. This is based on the concept of preparing a prototype for the product which is designed in a mini model. This kind of design helps you to make the process more easier and it helps you to know how the final output will come. That will give you a clear idea for programming.

Exporting in XD

Exporting the files from XD is easier, and you can easily export it to any format that you need. There are 4 different types of export for option in XD, they are:
  • Design
  • Web
  • IOS
  • Android
Introduction To Adobe XD
After choosing the preferred format, you can choose the export destination. After that, the elements are exported to the destination.
Introduction To Adobe XD
You can export the web layout design into the webpage by using some plugins. For learning about that, click here to read my article. You can export the artboards based on your requirement.

Advantages of Using XD

Navigation Between the Artboards
You can easily navigate between the different artboards while comparing with the other tools. You can use the hand tool for that or by holding the spacebar.
Importing of vector files
In Adobe XD you can easily import the vector files. That will help you to import the files which are designed using the other designing tools.
Exporting of artboard
You can export the artboard for the different formats which helps you to insert the UI directly. You are also given the option of web export.
There will be a lot of plugins available in Adobe XD for different kinds of purposes.
Introduction To Adobe XD
Prototyping helps you to know the final output of the project without connecting the back end to it.
Apart from all, it is a software which is specially designed for UI and UX designing. This supports a huge process for creating a good user experience and helps you to design a good user interface.


Adobe XD is a tool that helps you design a good user interface and user experience because a good user interface also helps for the success of the product. Developers can use it for designing and prototyping to see their product's final output.

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