IoT Based Fighter Robots for Military Applications


The main objective of this project is to save human lives on the battlefield with the goal to lessen casualties from the adversary side. It also serves to point out some of the challenges associated with IoT, and list the recommended solutions to these challenges.


The principle objective behind building this robot is to eliminate human observation in the war field or outskirts with the goal to lessen casualties. The robot is comprised of a remote camera that can transmit recordings of the war field with the goal to prevent human harm. Military individuals take a significant risk when entering an obscure domain. Therefore, the robot will fill in as a suitable machine for the resistance segment. It will enable the military to safeguard the individuals through being familiar with the unknown territory, even before entering it. 


We are using the Internet as a communication medium embedded using the Internet of Things (IoT), which has a maximum coverage of many regions and can be remotely controlled from anywhere in the world.

Technology Involved

We are using the Internet as a communication medium that is embedded using the Internet of Things (IoT) based drone. It is cheaper than a satellite operated drone, which is specifically helpful in small operations. This robot will provide a live, safe video stream to users through the Internet from the camera deployed in it. We are using a phone camera for surveillance purposes. The entire robot setup is controlled through an Android application. The robot is enabled with an offensive module to attack the enemy when the situation arises.
With our proposed model, the lives of thousands of soldiers or policemen can be saved, since they will have knowledge of enemy territory through our robot before entering the zone. This also helps soldiers and police to give a remote counterattack. As the robot has multiple applications, we could enhance it to a suicide robot. In developing countries like India, which are facing threats outside and inside its border, low-cost, highly efficient military technology is needed.

Prototype development

IoT Based Fighter Robots For Military Applications
IoT Based Fighter Robots For Military Applications