Is Your Intellisense Working In Jupyter Notebook

Can you imagine a life of a programmer using an editor having no IntelliSense support? In today’s era where most of us are working in many programming languages at the same time, it is very difficult to remember the syntax of all the programming languages.

The one thing which is most important is the underlying concept of any programming language and if you are good in those fundamentals, there are various ways to get help in writing code. It could be by using a search engine, by going through some book, by lending a fellow coder’s hand, by using editor’s or IDEs capabilities, etc.

My personal favorite way is by taking the help of IDE. I prefer the IDE which provides very good support for syntax and coding guidelines.

In today’s article, I’m focusing on Jupyter notebook inside VS Code, which is a very common IDE these days when you are coding in Python.

By default, syntax support or say IntelliSense support is not enabled in Jupyter notebook in VS Code and hence we need to enable it using some key steps.

Install Required Extension

As a first step, make sure that Pylance extension is installed inside your VS Code. To get this extension installed, you can click on Extensions button from the sidebar and search for Pylance as shown in the screenshot below:

Are Your Intellisense Working In Jupyter Notebook?

Once the extension is installed, it will start showing IntelliSense. But by any chance, if it is not showing, then you can move on to the next step for further troubleshooting.

Enable Settings

Open Settings either from the menu bar or from the Settings button shown on bottom left:

Are Your Intellisense Working In Jupyter Notebook?

Next, we need to search for autocomplete and select Python. Doing this will show Edit in settings.json button on the right-hand side panel:

Are Your Intellisense Working In Jupyter Notebook?

Just add the below highlighted JSON property with the path of your Python executable.

Are Your Intellisense Working In Jupyter Notebook?

Save the changes and see the magic.

All your IntelliSense are working as expected. If you feel that some of the areas are not covered, then you can check out my YouTube recording depicting the same.

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