JavaScript Removed When Publishing Form in Customer Insights journey


Off late people who worked on the D365 marketing module would wonder in fact would give a perplexed look how the latest Marketing module have evolved in terms of the features and extendibility that Microsoft has brought in. For people who are new D365 marketing will now be coined or know as Customer insights Journey, which marked a merger in a way between Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Dynamics 365 Marketing.

In this article we focus on the know Microsoft bug and discuss the workaround till a new release from Microsoft fixes it.


When editing the HTML of a Marketing form to embed any custom JavaScript code, upon saving and publishing the form, the custom JS is being removed from HTML by the dynamics.


This issue as per Microsoft is due to a faulty feature toggle. As a workaround enable the toggle under “Settings” – “Feature Switch” for now.

As an additional step, open and close the Form editor with out saving the changes before editing or creating the form.

Also in order to make custom script work place your Scripts in the Html Header only.

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